Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Time to take photos

TBD and colt....what color will he be?

I suspect he may turn out to be similar to his mom, but what color is she?
First to the right is the colt with mom in the background. I included this photo because I suspect this little guy may not be a black but more the color of his mom...but what color is she? I don't know.

Below are left and right photos of Toad Hill's TBD Day of Defense. She is out in full sunlight, but since I know very little about photoshop, the pictures are pretty close to accurate.
Two Fillies

Stormy's filly is jet black with a really tiny white mark on her rump and white cornets on three feet (you can't tell it in this photo though).
June Bug's filly is small and well marked. Funny I tried to sell both June Bug and her mom because they never produced a colorful foal. I almost did, boy would I have been upset now that I see what Rebel can throw on a almost black pinto!!
Kibbles with her 2010 colt
Kibbles is a buckskin pinto.

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