Sunday, June 27, 2010

MiniVanAdventures - The Trip to the Area 4 Show

Toad Hill's Spots and Dots, a 2009 29.5 inch stallion was talking with his human: "Alright, so you need to get on I-74 and take a right on to Rt. 136. Got that?"
Spots and Dots: "What do you mean you want to go down to I-57 then turn right?
Whoa, wait a're adding how many miles to this trip"

Spots and Dots: "I don't think my human knows how to read a map. Good thing we gassed up before we left home in the van."

Spots and Dots: " I love it when my human is wrong...can you see my smiling...hee hee, score one for the mini!!!"

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