Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second Foal - I thought he was a Blue Roan Pinto Colt

Born April 19th, this little colt is surely going to have blue roan coloring on some of the dark areas.(Update: Hob-Goblin is NOT blue roan. You never can tell their true color when born.)

This gives me two black pinto colts out of Katey and sired by Fancy Pants. One more black pinto and I may have a get of sire entry.

(Update: Goblin was shown with his brother Spots and Dots in 2012 in Produce of Dam. Katey was awarded National Champion Produce of Dam. Globin also placed 3rd in National Top Ten in multicolor (to his brother and another stallion I own), and with limited showing 7th in National Top Ten in Owned, Bred and Shown by Exhibitor. Spot and Goblin are both available for purchase. Email me if you are interested.-4/18/2012).

The colt is shown in some of these photos with his mom who is the 2009 National Champion, Top Ten multi-color mare under. She was also one of two shown to win the 2009 National Champion, Top Ten Produce of Dam for T. H. Wind in the Willows. Check SIDE VIEW-->
Rear View

Other view of Goblin with Katey

Other side with Katey
Colt's Sire is Boones Buckeroo Fancy Pants
Links to Fancy Pants - The Transformation...see the many colors of a blue roan.
Fancy's Breeding:
Sire: Boone's Little Buckeroo Megabucks 31.5" (HOF) (Sired by Boone's Little Buckeroo 30.50"(HOF)) out of Dell Tera's Penny 28.25"
Dam: A A Fancy Girl 27.5"

Goblin is beginning to look more chocolate than jet black. Frankly I don't know what color is he is.

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