Sunday, May 3, 2009

DQ Foal

We were working in the barn putting in a divider in one of the large horse stall. We knew that that soon some of the mares would be foaling and we wanted to make sure there would be plenty of room.

In walks DQ, lays down and starts to push. "She's going to have a foal," I said. I ushered my assistant out of the stall to let the mare have some "privacy." In less than five minutes, out comes the new arrival.
DQ was bred to Fancy Pants and although I cannot tell for sure yet, I am suspicious the new filly may be a blue roan just like daddy.

The filly is about 20 inches tall, and fine boned. Mom is a black pinto, but pop is a blue roan. This pair has been sold.
DQ's Pedigree:
Sire: HCM Navajos Bold Innovation (33.00") by Calibers LIttle Navajo (AMHA, 31.50") out of NFC Tiny Mites Delight (AMHA, 33.50")
Dam: Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight (31.00") by Star' Sunburst (28.00") out of Sunshine Sweet & Low (28.00")

Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants:
Sire: Boone's Little Buckeroo Megabucks 31.5" (HOF) (Sired by Boone's Little Buckeroo 30.50"(HOF)) out of Dell Tera's Penny 28.25"
Dam: A A Fancy Girl 27.5"
Fancy Pants is shown below, ready to get to work soon.

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