Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Off the Shetland Miniature Website

I know if you are like me, you don't always get to other sites such as the Shetland, Miniature Website ( . Well I was there today, and read the article below. The movie is worth watching if you are wanting to see and know a little more about minis. I will leave the link as long as it works.

Below is a direct quote from that site.

Bob And Mary Sansevere and their family made the local ABC News with their miniature horses. The segment shows the whole family including Samantha, Sawyer, Spencer and little Shane getting in the fun with their miniature horses. Check out their news clip

Jeanne DeBruce’s Miniature Horses became supermodels when they were asked to pose with the human models for the new Hobby Horse Horse Clothing Company catalog. Those little horses give the glamorous human models a run for the money. Or as one person said “Their were people in the photos, too?”

Now when someone asks the ridiculous age old question , “What can you do with them?” be sure to add modeling, acting and making news to the long list of fun things owners do with their miniature horses

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