Monday, June 30, 2008

Chariots At IMHOA Show

Another weekend, another horse show. This weekend, June 28th/29th was the IMHOA (Illinois Miniature Horse Owners Association) club show at Gordyville in Gilfford, IL. The order of showing was somewhat reversed so I got to see the two chariots show before my horse, Rebel was shown. To the left is Bo checking something on his chariot. Notice that there are two shafts made of tube steel coming from the chariot, and join as they reach the back of the horse, and then go up and connect on top of the horse to the harness.
To the right is a front view of the same chariot and hopefully you can see the way the shafts connect above the horse.

The two chariots were both built by Bo Step. Bo was showing that day (green outfit) and another exhibitor (I'll fill in the correct name after I get it) showed the second of Bo's two chariots.

These two chari
ots are similar in several ways...same wooden structure, wooden wheels and floor, but Bo was experimenting with the shafts to connect to the horse. I believe this may have been the same chariot he used at DuQuion in 2007 and at Nationals inTulsa that year but he changed from the heavy wooden shaft to the tubular one.

Unfortunately during the exhibition, the one of the shafts at the bend broke during or just after the inspection by the judges, and Bo had walk the horse and chariot out ot the ring.
The next two slides show the inside of the chariot that was not finished with a lining. You can see the upright supports to the frame.

The other chariot Bo owns is finished in green and has a green lining inside.

A little about the chariot class in AMHR. As I have mentioned before this is a class that judges the appearance as well as the gaits the horse must execute.

There are three gaits that the horse is judged on. In my next blog I will provide a "word by word" transcript of the requirements, however for now I will just copy a few parts: "This class is intended as a display of horsemanship, with a team of horses hitced to a Roman style chariot, with emphasis on the authenticity of the chariot, harness and drivers apparel."

"Judging is 50 on manners and performance, and 50% on fit and appropriateness of vehicle and harness, over all appearance."

The gaits that are exhibited include: walk, collected trot, slow canter and hand gallop.

The next show I know for sure there should be chariots is at the DuQuion show on August 9/10.

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