Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toad Hill's Slate

Let's start by saying: "Can you say Multi-Color Champion 2009?" That's what I was thinking when I saw this new foal who is 2008 model born to Willow this morning. Willow is a consistant producer of color and was last year's National Champion in Produce of dam.

So what about the foal? Born May 24 over Memorial Day weekend. There's a name in there somewhere, just haven't figured it out yet. Anyway I suspect he (most likely) will be a dapple grey like his big brother Phantom.

Kiss Me Kate and Paint Me Picasso are also out of the same dam and were the two shown in the produce of dam class.

So give me a day or two to really get to know this colt and I will write more.

Mom (Willow) below is having a bad hair day in the photo below, but how many moms look this good after giving birth to a 40 pound baby that morning?

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