Sunday, July 13, 2014

Building a Chariot Part 1–Blue Chariot

I saw these photos on Facebook, they were posted by Robert Enoch of Ohio. I appreciate that he has given me permission to post these images.
Let me introduce Robert Enoch. Jack of all trades from what I can see on FB. Genius with Chariots!!
Two views of the prototype chariot undercarriage.

Close up of undercarriage. Notice how long the bars holding the axles are. This is because the wheels that will be attached are (guessing) at least 28 inches in diameter.
BlueChariotSideViewThis is the side view of the chariot after assembled. This photo was added here, so the size of the wheel can be compared to the previous photo of the  undercarriage.

Notice that for added strength, there is what I think is rebar going from the supports for the axles to the front of the chariot.
Not only did Robert make the chariot, he also made the double tree and neck yoke. (My best guess is he bought the wheels.)

Double tree and neck yoke.
Assembled double tree and neck yoke.
Additional information from Robert.:
It took me a week in my spare time to hand make the tongue neck yoke and eveners. I cut out the general lengths and shapes with power saws hand saws then I shaved the wood into the final shapes I desired and sanded and applied the desired finish to the wood. Then I built the mast part of the frame for the tongue to attach firmly to the body and drilled it out for future shafts to be exchanged and bolted up.

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