Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last of the Summer Wine

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Update Photos: August 26, 2014
Below Summer Wine is hot and sweaty, but it is 95 degrees outside and she is still having fun running around
 Here Summer Wine and Ne'vi near the tree and Tucker just hanging out.


Early rising this morning, went out to feed mares and surprise...Stormy Weather was definitely in foal, but no longer. Believe this is a filly and was out with 6 mares and foals, just visiting with the herd. Brought the mare and foal in...snapped some photos, fed and watered mom and left them in for the day so little one could rest and bond with mom. Thinking of calling her: Toad Hill's Last of Summer Wine... last tv program I saw last night and she is the last foal for this summer.

Toad Hill's Last of the Summer Wine is the filly born to Stormy 7/31/2014.  AMHR registered. Mare is Toad Hill's Stormy Weather (AMHR-37") and sire is Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir (AMHA/AMHR).

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