Saturday, July 12, 2014

Building a Chariot Part II–Red Chariot

The photos that follow are of the second chariot built by Robert Enoch. The photos start with building the “cab” and then the undercarriage. Thanks to Robert for providing the photos and permission to post these.
GrayPrimerChariotREARTubNotice the holes in the front of this cab. These will connect the undercarriage to the front of the cab. GrayPrimerChariotTubFront view of same cab. Holes are visible in this photo as well.
LeftFrtTubSame cab painted. RedTubFrt

And close up of wheel.  I think I counted 16 spokes…

Looks simple, doesn’t it?  Before trying to build your own, I suggest you build a prototype first and then test it. You need to make sure the system is the correct dimensions, proper clearance below the cab, the wheels are the right diameter and the whole unit is well balanced.

 The rest of the story from Robert:

I used a smooth sided 55 gallon metal drum for the body. I'm not in the position to start building and selling a lot of these right now but may consider it for the future. 

I tried to find a good quality chariot for a mini online to purchase but didn't find any that I was happy with so I just decided that I want one and with my past profession skills to build my own, so here it is. 

As for the cost the most expensive thing on this build for us was the wheels.  The rest would have been a bit costly to do all at once but I bought as I went through on the build and just got what I needed at the time. I haven't added up the cost of the build and yet I don't want to put a price on what it took it to be here today either at this time...Thanks for your inquiry! 

And I don't mind if you want to repost pictures of it and comment on it. I'm just not at the position at this point to start producing these as of yet..may consider it for the future though..

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