Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time to Get the Team Home for Winter

Toad Hill's Lincoln Award and Toad Hill's Baldrige Award are half brothers born within two weeks of each other. Their sire is Toad Hill's Rust Spot.
As luck would have it they are pretty close to a perfectly matched pair of sorrel pintos with blue eyes.
Yesterday I drove down to Arthur to bring the team back for the winter and try a little work with them myself.

That's Daniel, my expert 12 year old trainer. He has done all the work with the team since they were two year olds and next year if that chariot is ever completed we should have them ready for show.
This pair will ground tie while in harness and are working towards moving in a synchronized manner.

Wendy Steerman went with use to pick up the horses, and she could not wait until it was her turn to ride in the breaking chariot. Knowing Wendy, she probably will want one of her own by next year.

Lincoln and Baldrige are now working as a team for carriage rides up in Wilmington, IL.

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