Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Vaccination Clinic

2010 has started off with a more enjoyable visit to the University of Illinois Large Animal Hospital. It was the Horse Vaccination Clinic.
Typically when I go to the U of I Vet Medicine school, it is late Sunday night and an emergency. I do not know why horses seem to pick that time, but that's how it happens.
As any one can tell you, going to hospital for an emergency is no fun. Picking up horses after they are all better is a more relaxing visit but then you also have to deal with the financial part so business cools the atmosphere.The vets at the college always go that extra mile and if I do my part by identifying and bringing a horse in at the onset of a problem, they are able to resolve the problems and return a healthy horse to me. I strongly recommend them whenever anyone asks about my experiences there.
My appointment was 11 AM, so I arrived about 15 minutes early with four minis in the trailer. There were about a dozen vets and students (I will refer to all of them as vets to keep this simple) outside waiting for the next wave of arrivals. It was amazing how many I knew by name since generally I do not see all of them in one place at one time.
I went in, visited with the staff inside and filled out the paperwork. They are always very pleasant, but when you are engaged with serious problems you are pretty focused on what you are doing. This this time the atmosphere was very upbeat and cheerful in spite of the fact they had to work on Saturday.

When I returned to the trailer there were more vets in the trailer than horses...minis seem to attract the attention.
The vets had already started the regular exams: checking temperatures, teeth and taking fecal samples.
Paperwork for vaccinations reached the vets and with two on each horse all the vaccinations were given, blood work for coggins were drawn and the event was over in record time. As we were finishing up the next wave of trailers started to line up and staff were already starting to work on the paperwork. The sun was out, the weather perfect and the whole event seemed to be well organized. Next time though, I think I might bring donuts for the gang, it was more like a celebration than business and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun
Thanks to the U of I Large Animal Hospital vets and staff.

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