Friday, April 2, 2010

First Foal 2010 - Cremello Pinto Filly

First foal of 2010, first foal for Toad Hill's GrapeNuts, sired by Toad Hill's Sids Regency Legionaire. A well marked, most likely buckskin colored foal this is one great way to start off the foaling season.
Not expected this early the foal was with mommy out in the field with several mares. High Octane (seen in link with GrapeNuts mom--> Kibbles N Bits) was playing the doting aunt and keeping the other mares away from the proud mommy and foal.
GrapeNuts is 30 inches tall and Fancy was measured at 29.75 inches last year at a this kid should be small...

Her name may be Toad Hill's Honey Nuts. Need to think on it, Honey is a good nickname considering her color.

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