Sunday, March 21, 2010

The MiniVan

If you type the command "define:minivan" in Google it will show the definitions of the word after the colon. One of the definitions for minivan states:
  • A minivan, multi-purpose vehicle (abbreviated MPV), people-carrier, people-movers or multi-utility vehiche (shortened MUV) is a type of automobile...

I think they overlooked one very important function: mini-mover...(see photo above). Toad Hill's Rusty Spot gets ready to go to his new home in Wisconsin.
And don't believe this is one time right--> : like father like daughter.
Below is one of Rusty's fillies, Toad Hill's Run for the Roses, she just wanted to go for a ride with me and the grandkids.

But wait...Rusty's family of minis are not the only ones who enjoy riding..DQ (below) enjoys a riding now and again. When we delivered her and her foal to a friend in Andalusia illinois we took both her and her filly in the van instead of hooking up the stock trailer.

The first photo of DQ (black/white pinto) shows just her, but the second shows DQ with her blue roan filly.

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