Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Chariot Racing Site

I have discovered a new Chariot Racing link...check it out:
On the page: Chariot Racing, there are links to various chariot racing results for past races (but more important you get the idea of where the races will be this coming 2010), pictures from some chariot races and a video.
I don't know if it was my computer, but the video was a little jumpy.
Under the Chariot Racing news link there is a second link with Information about the 2009- 2010 season. I have pasted this information below:
November 20 2009
Sorry I am late with the first message. It is that time of year chariot racing is here. Yes!!!

It’s time to get those horses in shape and get your clubs paper work in shape.

Club to do list
• Current copy of your clubs by-laws 2009-2010 version.
• Your official qualifying races dates 2009-2010.
• Name, address, phone number or email of identifier for race results.
• Horse papers for the new horses running in your clubs.
• Send me invitational race dates you would like me put on the website
• We need more club pitchers on the website send me some
Make sure your club by-laws do not disagree with the world by-laws, police your on clubs.
Note: ask for permission not for forgiveness

So I suggest at your first club meeting go through your by laws to ensure they are correct and approved by your club.

If you have questions ask your Vice President. If they can not answer it give me a call Ryan: 801-645-4002.
3602 South 3850 West, West haven Utah 84401

The weekly results forms are still on the website.
I assume it is accurate, if someone follows up and lets me know more, I will post that information too.

There is a second site:
This site has photos from chariot racing events.

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