Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movies of Foals 2009

I will be the first to admit, my movies are really amateurish, but here are some of the Foals 2009. These were all taken Dec 28th. The foals are dirty from the mud that set after 3.5 inches of rain and then froze with below 22 degree weather. Each listing is a hyperlink to a YouTube video.
Foals 2009 Part 1
Foals 2009 Part 2
Foals 2009 Part 3

I tried to identify each foal in the video.
Slate is the second black/white pinto in this video. He is a little larger that Picasso and is for sale as well. Slate will be a 2 year old as of 2010 and has been shown last year. He is in Top Ten Multi-Color this year, and was one of two minis in Produce of Dam (placed 2nd Top Ten) and one of three minis in Get of Sire (placed 1st in Top Ten).

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