Sunday, November 23, 2008

Define: Chariot

Yesterday my daughter called me and taunted me with: "Na, na, I know something you don't know!!" . ( Is that the best English a kid with two Bachelor's degrees can muster up?)
So I started guessing, "Obama has asked hubby to be in his cabinet?", "You won the Doritos contest?", "Your invited to the Presidential inaguration?".
Obivous, none of the above. My daughter replied: "I know something you don't know about chariots!!"
Chariots, what could daughter know about chariots, I thought I would certain know more about them than her!!
So the news was release the day before that Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a chariot in a Thracian tomb in southeastern Bulgaria. 
Actually the best photographs of the chariot remains are on a blog and the post is dated August 7, 2008.  It seems that there have been other Thracian chariot burials discovered and I am not sure if the August find is the same but more recently publicized November one. 
Read Archaeology for a little more information n Thracian chariots.. Remember, these are four-wheel chariots.
So I started reading up on this chariot -- it was a four-wheeled chariot. Hmmm... I always thought of chariots as two-wheelers.
Time for research, went to Google and typed in define:chariots
Merriam-Webster defines it as 1) a light four-wheel pleasure or state carriage or 2) a two-wheeled horse-drawn car of ancient times used also in processions and races.
Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines it solely as a "two wheeled vehicle that was used in ancient times for racing and fighting and was pulled by a horse."
Your gives two definitions: 1) a horse-drawn, two-wheeled cart used in ancient times for war, racing, parades, etc. and 2) a light, four-wheeled carriage, used esp. in the 18th cent. for pleasure or on some state occasions. They also state the etymology: "<>charriote < char, car <>carrum: see car"
The most definitions I found were at, with the following:
1. a light, two-wheeled vehicle for one person, usually drawn by two horses and driven from a standing position, used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc., in warfare, racing, hunting, etc.
2. a light, four-wheeled pleasure carriage.
3. any stately carriage.
4. Facetious. an automobile.
–verb (used with object)
5. to convey in a chariot.
–verb (used without object)
6. to ride in or drive a chariot.

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