Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nationals In Tulsa, 2008

So call me a slow poke. Here it is almost the last day of Nationals I am finally getting around to posting about it. For those that show horses, you knew that and I am not telling you anything you didn't know. However there are some interesting things you can see online now.

If you go to you can see the show results.

This is a quote from the Show Details, as well as the graph that shows Show Entires by Owner's Province or State.
"The American Miniature Horse Registy national show is proud to be one of the premier miniature horse show in the nation. The years shows feature over 1500 miniature horses from all over the United States and Canada. Show dates for the show are: September 4 - 13, 2008 at the Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "

Looking at the graph (which is hard to tell some of the colors) it appears that 38% came from states other than those that have some percentage showing. Texas, which makes sense based up location, along with Oklahoma seem to be well represented. I wonder how many of these folks stuck around considering Gustav and Ike. Oh, on a side note, if you want to watch the course of any hurriance from birth to death check out: .

I have also figured out how to capture video off the computer and if I can get it working, one of the next blogs will be about the obstacle class. Some of these minis obey better than my dogs!!

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