Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rebel Comes Home

Rebel, Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir, arrived home today after a long show season. For many minis, this month is the BIG month with many traveling to Tulsa soon for the Nationals. I have observed there are three groups of competitors amongst mini owners. Those that show their horses during the entire season, then go to the Nationals; those that show all season and then don't go to Nationals; and finally those that only show just enough to qualify a horse to be shown at Nationals and then just go to Nationals. Guess I tend to be in the show all season and quit, skipping Nationals. Anyway if you ask Rebel, I think he is happy with my decision. We arrived home about 9:30 AM, and as a ritual, I always let the horse out at the end of the driveway so they can run up, eat some grass or visit with the other horses before being put in a stall for a few days. Okay, I know..probably not a good idea, but I know the risks. After touching ground, Rebel noticed his buddies were in the lot adjacent to the driveway. So naturally he walked over to say:"Hi." Darn it, wish Rebel would show like that in the ring!!!
The guys on the other side of the fence seems interested.I often wonder if they remember each other. Rusty (white with sorrel spots), Picasso (black and white) and Stetson (large sorrel pinto) were all eager check him out.

Later next week Rebel will join the gang and play bachelor until next spring.

Oh, one more thought. Why is it, that these beautiful, clean horses have only one goal when they return from the show ring or after a bath?

As you can see Rebel has decided that being neat is not neat.

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