Monday, September 22, 2008

Small World - Fun Show Below this post....go down

It's a small world...and the Internet seems to pull us even closer together.

When I started looking for information about chariots I ran across a blog that talked about the races in Odgen, Utah and I put the information and some photos I "borrowed" from their site....

Well one of the teams belonged to Darcy Hiatt and it was super of him to write me and fill in the details.

":Hi, I just kinda stumbled onto your website and saw the pictures of the miniature horse chariot racing. The team of paints are mine and I am doing the driving and one of the horses in the picture above is also mine. If you have any questions or comments about it let me know!! "
Darcy Hiatt

Thanks Darcy
And to make things even better, Darcy has sent detailed photos of his racing chariot. Next blog I will show you his photos of a racing chariot for those of you who might wish to build one yourselves.

Please visit his web pages at:

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