Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Breeze's First Foal- She's a Filly!!

July 30, 2012: NEWS FLASH!!
This filly is:

Horse Name




Toad Hill's Princess Neytiri

Miniature Horse



This means she is HOMOZYGOUS for Tobiano and HOMOZYGOUS for Black.
Photos: July 5, 2013

Original Post: June 5, 2012

Toad Hill's Summer Breeze has her first foal.  Summer Breeze was not scheduled to foal for at least another month I thought, but you never know what the mare wanted to do. She was in a pasture with three other bred mares and two fillies. Got up about 5 am to start chores before going to work and there was a small pinto by the feeder with Summer, her filly and two other mares. I quickly escorted her and the foal out of the pen and onto the lawn.

One thing I have noticed, foals born on pasture (or lawn) are more active and alert than barn stall born ones.

Anyway, YEAH Summer!!!, this FILLY is perfectly marked.

Looks almost exactly like mom on one side and conformation looks just like daddy, Rebel.
Filly 1 day old.

More photos to come.

Sire: Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir
Dam: Toad Hill's Summer Breeze
June 5, 2012

Photos Taken: June 5, 2012

PHOTOS TAKEN 7/30/2012

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