Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toad Hill's. Buttermilk's First Foal - T. D. MISS Peach

Friday, June 12th, and I thought since I had already put in 36 hours at work I would sleep in. Dream on... at 5 AM the horses were running around the yard and towards the front the house. I figured something was up, so I immediately went out to see what was happening.

There was Buttermilk, Willow and Pilgrim swarming around a new buckskin pinto foal. I picked up the baby and headed towards the barn with all three mares following. I knew immediately that Buttermilk, the only buckskin was mom, so I let her in the stall, put down the foal and made sure everyone else was locked out.

Now I had checked the mares the night before, and Buttermilk was the least likely to foal soon...fooled me.

Anyway, everyone was fine, mommy and foal settled so I fed them and them the rest of the herd. So much for sleeping in.

 Her name is officially Toad Hill's Miss Peach.

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