Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chariot Harness

While searching the internet for more information on miniature horses and chariot class I ran across a link that showed a chariot harness. There are many other photos of this sample harness, but look at another example of this harness makers craft.

The harness below on the white horse is called: Turquoise Showring Style Costume . The next one is: Tan Showring Style Arabian Costume Have you figured out what you are looking at yet??

Perhaps this last one will help:

If you guessed t
hat all tack was created for a Breyer Model Horse contest, your faster than I was.

Link to the Chariot Harness, all photos.

I would like to thank Heather Downing for giving me permission to put some of the photos of her fantastic harness online. Quite honestly I was blown away by the detail and accuracy of the work that she has done on these.

Take the time to go to the various links, if you have
not been exposed to the hobby of resin model horses and costumes this is a good opportunity to see some of the best.Above is another view of the chariot and harness.

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