Sunday, July 6, 2008

TBD Day of Defense

This photo was taken late November, 2008.
Yes, this is a strange name. TBD is an acronym for "To Be Determined."
TBD was foaled on 6/22/2005, and named after two important events that occurred that day. It was the day of the shower for my daughter who was expecting her first child. They used the letters TBD when referring to the baby, since it seemed a good option since they did not know the sex of the child. Day of Defense, well TBD was born the day I defended my dissertation.I call TBD a liver color, but am not really sure what the color is. The photos are accurate color. I believe she has the cremello genes and that is somewhat masking her base color. She is a nice pinto, good disposition and has had one months show training. I sometimes send my horses for a month's training when I think I will keep them for a while.
Sire: Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby (33.25", dapple grey pinto) by S Bar S Sire Prince (32.25", black) out of Koch's My Angel Baby (32.50, chesnut and white)

Dam: Toad Hill's Marshmellow (33", Smutty palomino) by Spragues Buckeye (30.25", buckskin) out of Toad HIll's Bunny (35.75", cremello).

TBD has been now permanently registered (01/12/09) at 35.75".

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