Friday, April 25, 2008

Toad Hill's Run For the Roses

Thursday morning (May 1, 2008) I had to leave early since I was to attend Lincoln Examiner training about two and a half hours away. At 4:30 AM I stumbled into the barn half awake to feed the mares and found that one had foaled. No, it was not the one that we were waiting for, it was her neighbor, the mare I had put in the stall next to Kibbles so that Kibbles would not be lonely.
High Octane had given birth to a medicine hat, pale sorrel pinto foal (best guess about 4:00 AM). This was High Octane's first and at first glance it looked all bones and legs. I did a quick check-- colt and finished chores, got to the meeting by 8:15 AM and had decided to name him: Baldrige. (For those of you not aware of the Baldrige Award, it is an award for excellence for companies. That's all I plan to say about it--check it out in Google for more info.) The Lincoln Award is the state equivalent.
By the time I got home that night, the foal looked more filled out and pretty cute. Naturally I did a second check..oops, girl. Now that great name got wasted and I had to start thinking about a new one. What to name her now?
Too late folks...her name is Toad Hill's Run for the Roses. Why, the Kentucky Derby is this weekend. I did not select May Day, or even Take Me Out To the Ball Game (today is the 100 th anniversary of the song).

So Friday, I go to work and tell everyone. Come home early and..oh my, another hatchling. Finally Kibbles had hers. Guess High Octane's foal inspired Kibbles.

I will be checking this later, but this one is a colt (99% sure, that's better than Six Sigma folks). Somehow, I don't feel like this one is a "Baldrige." Got to start thinking about another name.

Below is Kibbles and Bits with her new foal.

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