Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Colt - Mommy is Neyitiri

The colt is Toad Hill's Neyitiri's first foal. This little one has some silver color on lower part of body and legs. -->To the right.       I thought he was platinum or silver. Now he is looking a different color (above) a brownish color.
Decided to call him Toad Hill's The One: NEO

Ancestry....GhostBuster on sire's side carries the LWO gene, one Tobiano (pinto) and 2 black (EE).  On the mare's side there are 3 generations of black, pintos.

Neyitiri sire is Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir. The interesting color was on Toad Hill's Summer Breeze who's sire was Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby, a silver dapple, pinto....Summer Breeze had a black, pinto mare: Willow.

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