Saturday, July 20, 2013

Toad Hill's She's A Pepper

Photos from 4/2014********************

Photos 8/2013*********************

Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows foaled a black/white pinto filly who we named Pepper. There is a link to the page I did where I compared Pepper to Merlin, the 2011 colt Willow produced.

But now it is time to create a page just for Pepper. As time goes by I will add photos just as I have for the other foals at Toad Hill.

Pepper - July 04, 2013

Pepper - July 4, 2013

Pepper - Jul 4, 2013

Willow and Pepper in front, ShowCase and Fiesta Rose in rear - July 4, 2013

Day after foaled...May 12, 2013

Willow with Pepper - 2013

Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir - sire

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