Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini Inspects Horse in Van

GrapeNuts is a frequent flyer when it comes to trips in the van although she has only had one trip posted on the blog. She almost thinks it is her private van.
GrapeNuts was just hanging out waiting to see if she was going on a trip again. 

But we surprised her. The beginning of April, because of the warm weather, we decided to get the big Horse out for a trip to the shop and get a tune up.
What kind of horse gets a tune up? A Troy-Bilt Horse tiller of course!!

GrapeNuts did not think much of this monster getting into her van, the peacock could care less.

After supervising the loading technique, GrapeNuts gave her approval to continue and we finished loading the Horse in the van and driving off to the lawn mower shop.

Too bad GrapeNuts, perhaps next time we go for a ride you can come.

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